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The HBK Property Group

1. Company Overview and Business Description

The HBK Property Group is a diverse property development and facilitating enterprise, focusing on specialised fields in the property, recreational, transport and tourism industry.

1.1 History

The HBK Property Group was established in 2004 and has since distinguished itself as a dynamic and highly creative entity that has introduced a new dimension to rural and leisure residential development. HBK initiated projects and developments of the highest standard, among which world-class tourism destinations. Given its entrepreneurial nature and ability to identify specific industry needs this company is superbly positioned to deliver high value projects for its clients and growth opportunities in the communities within which it operates. HBK is perfectly positioned for 2020 and beyond.

1.2 Fields of expertise:

Land facilitation:

Facilitating the acquisition and procurement process of land, feasibility studies and pre- development studies.

Project Facilitation & Coordination:

HBK Property Group in Association with EST Project Development & Facilitators is perfectly positioned to facilitate the development process from concept, through pre-feasibility, master planning to implementation.


Focusing on eco-estates, private reserves, leisure residential development and Public Private Partnerships with a high regard to protection of biodiversity and the integrity of nature. HBK has also developed a fully integrated model for the transport and motorist industry.


Outdoor adventure, eco-tourism, nature retreats - the 'whole experience',in association with specialized groups in the industry. Specialists in tourism developmental models.

2. Vision

To establish HBK as the distinguished service provider of choice in the field of development facilitation with specific focus on the recreational and tourism industry, also providing logistic hubs in the transport industry - across the sub-Sahara African continent from the perspective of local and international investors as well as that of multilateral institutions.

3. Mission

  • Establishing world-class destinations in the property, transport and tourism industry.
  • Develop profitable commercial enterprises through a network of highly effective and creative associations.
  • Provide an innovative and professional one-stop facility in the fields of:
    • Development Facilitation in association with specialised groups in the industry;
    • Out-door adventure and nature retreats within the tourism and hospitality industry;
    • Development models in the transport, motorist and logistic industry cross border and sub-Saharan Africa as integrated solution ;
    • Developmental models in the tourism and recreational industry.

4. Values 

  • Integrity
  • Excellence in all we do
  • Respect for people
  • Respect for our clients and service providers
  • Respect for the environment

5. Our Team

A highly effective group of individuals – optimizing specialised knowledge of professional disciplines with vast experience in their respective fields.

Executive Listing

  • Bertus Kotzé: Managing Director and driving force behind the enterprise with extensive experience in land facilitation, development facilitation and value-added processes pertaining to property and recreational sector development, product development and project facilitation. His passion for business development and nature, combined with his ability to see the ‘big picture’ makes him invaluable to the HBK Group.
  • Nico Veldtman: Understanding the dynamics of the development model from an architectural point of view. His ability to integrate the master plan on re-iterative basis within the land facilitation process through development phase to completion forms an integral component of the value offering.
  • Specialist: Risk assessment and mitigation within the sub-Saharan Africa context.
  • Specialist: Financial analysis and business model.•
  • Implementation programming expert: Brings in-depth knowledge and experience in the international business arena and expertise in the integration of implementation programming to the HBK Group.
  • Legal expert: Understanding the legal framework of each respective country within which we operate – also ensuring a fair deal on fair value basis for all parties concerned.

6. Associations

Outsourcing to top specialists in various professional disciplines - ensuring high quality
service and adherence to all statutory and legal requirements.

  • EST Project Development & Facilitators: Specialising in niche markets in the field of Project Facilitation , Project Development, Tourism and Recreational Activities and Food Security for the future.
  • Various construction companies in the industry; to provide in the need of our growing capacity
  • Formal Associations: i.e. Arch Africa Architecs, Stairway Consulting, Corrie Roux Architects and Aurecon Consulting Engineers as well as various professional disciplines and specialised functions, ensuring a high-quality service, efficiency and sustainability.
  • Social Investment Companies and strategic partnerships: Associations that can make a positive difference on the African continent.

7. Business Ethics

Integrity is one of our core values. We aspire towards responsible corporate citizenship with due regard to the interests of our stakeholders, the environment and our social responsibilities. We subscribe to the following fundamental ethical principles:

  • Responsibility
  • Respect
  • Honesty
  • Fairness

8. Environmental Responsibility

Environmental responsibility is a key success factor to the HBK Group, given its focus on
rural development and its passion for nature. Accordingly, great emphasis is placed on
protection of bio-diversity and the environment. All developments are strictly subjected to
thorough environmental impact studies, focusing on minimising the impact on the natural
surroundings and applying themes that complement the environment.

9.  Social Responsibility

All developments undertaken by HBK are implemented with thorough consideration of ways to enhance local economic development. The HBK team has engaged in various projects with a specific focus on rural development in order to enhance and stimulate growth in this sector. HBK is therefore perfectly positioned to make a significant impact and act as active stimulant with reference to LED in its fullest context.

HBK, in association with selected specialists, also share a collective passion and interest in the agricultural sector with the main focus on agricultural reform and value adding processes. The HBK team with its dedicated experts in this field has in- depth knowledge
and understanding of the co-operative model and economy of scale benefits, thus putting
HBK in a position to add value to development models and implementation programmes.

10. Conclusion

HBK Property Group’s success lies in its human capital, its capacity to innovate,
experiential risk mitigation as well as its ability to form strategic associations with key
enablers in the industry.

We believe that our vision, modus operandi and key role players distinguish HBK as the
service provider of choice in the industry. We are confident about our capability to deliver
high value solutions to our clients and business associates. HBK is perfectly positioned for
2020 and beyond and can and will deliver on its commitments.



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