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Tourism Development Models

HBK has distinguished itself as a dynamic and creative player in the tourism industry. HBK Property Group has introduced a new dimension to rural and leisure residential development and has developed models for implementation in the tourism and travel industry of the highest standards.
HBK has developed the master plan as well as development model for implementation of a multi-billion Rand, project in the tourism and recreational industry on an inter–provincial level, unlocking vast potential in one of the poorest regions in South Africa. This project will bring much needed capital investment, worth billions, to the region and Free State Province, creating in excess of 4000 jobs.

The project will comprise a Public- Private Sector Partnership, uniquely structured to optimize resources and enhance the unique biodiversity of the region and Karoo in wider context. The development will constitute a world-class destination, with easy access from the N 1 Highway and accessible from two dedicated airfields. The project furthermore holds promise to constitute one of the few acclaimed successful initiatives, involving private sector collaborating with provincial government. It will furthermore become the gateway to the Karoo with its stretched out planes and unique settings unlocking further opportunities, stimulating economic growth through tourism related activities. Successful implementation of the project will have the knock-on effect to positively impact on tourists en-route from Cape Town to the Kruger National Park, also stimulating cross-border tourism, linking the region with destinations in Lesotho, Namibia, Botswana and Zambia as part of the offering because of its unique and centrally situated location.

Logistic Hub

HBK facilitated the development of several models for implementation in the transport and travel industry as well as the acquisition of strategic land on mainline routes on the African continent sub-Sahara. These travel - and logistic hubs will establish fully integrated travel centers in the transport and motorist industry and offer much needed socio-economic and logistical solutions.


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